Friday, March 24, 2006

Mom's 60th birthday

A while back I made a short film celebrating my mother's birthday. My sister and I scanned over 600 photographs from the family albums. I rotated and scaled each one so that Mom's head was the central point of the frame, then played them in sequence.

YouTube really compressed the hell out of it, which kills quite a bit of the impact.


  1. wow It is amazing how many pictures we take in a life time. What's up Mike, I'm excited about your blog being that I don't reallyu get to see your personal stuff much outside of work. I dig the gorilla sketches.

    I link you, asap


  2. HAH!...thats awesome man!...such a brilliant idea...your patience paid off...and happy birthday to the old girl ;)

  3. this is amazing.
    i wish i could see it full res

  4. Thanks fellahs. Yeah I'll see if I can find a place to link a nice quicktime of it...

  5. Wow! Yeah, Carly was telling me about this! Awesome! And she made me get a blog! Sometimes she really uses that one-minute-older thing as leverage